" I feel more alive than ever. " - Cristina

"I can play horsey back ride with my kids; with both of them on my back at the same time. My wrists and back are strong now, thanks to my consistent Pilates practice." - Farah

"My back was in a bad shape from collecting firewood and stooping around the campfire during a camping trip. I did the Back Care class the next day, it helped and my back felt good." – Fergal

"My chiropractor told me that there’s a big improvement on my back in the last 3 months and I can only think of Pilates as the reason." – Ditte

"I have been suffering from lower back pain from long distance running but your classes have definitely helped to relieve the pain. I haven’t had an achy back for weeks now. Even when I wake up creaky, it’s all gone when I do your class!" – Dina

"Start now – don't wait! It's the best thing that I have done for myself in a very long time." – Lis

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