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I feel safe in your class

Due to a back injury, I thought I couldn’t do any kind of exercise but my chiropractor recommended Pilates. It was a nice surprise! I feel safe in your class as you’re always present in both online and studio classes. I feel more alive than ever, stronger and positive about becoming more aware of my body. 

                          Cristina, Billund

Feel stronger, shoulder is better and
it doesn't feel like hard work

My hesitation to do Pilates was that I thought it was expensive - I have never paid so much for any exercise. But I was very happy that I took the decision to invest in my health and to make my shoulder better. Nadd was able to help me with exercises focusing on making my body stronger and taking it in small steps. I feel stronger and my body awareness has increased. Nadd is very good teacher and it doesn't feel like hard work. But I can feel the difference and it works. I like that the class is small and I'm offered corrections.         

                             Lena, Billund


Pain is gone in lower back

I started Pilates to strengthen my body and may be lose some of the pain which I had had for 8 years. I feel stronger, pain is gone in the hip--pelvis---lower--back area. I slowly become more aware of how my body works and what it is telling me.


You are a great teacher, Nadd! You have strengthened my body and I am painless after just 8 classes - there is still work for me to do, but I had never dreamt of being painless in such a short amount of time...and I believe this can be a permanent feeling.


The sessions are fun, intense and it is guided by a teacher who knows what she is talking about. 

                                          Lise, Vejen

Increased flexibility, gained new knowledge of my body

I started Pilates to address my old injuries. I hesitated in the beginning because of the cost, time commitment and I didn’t know if the programme was effective. But after the programme, I have gained new body awareness. I have also gained flexibility. I enjoyed some of the fast-moving challenges that we did in the sessions. The sessions were fun, filled with humour and positive energy. 


Nadd is patient and very professional. She has an incredible observation skills and body knowledge and this helped me gain new perspective on my body.

                                   Mike, Billund

I've discovered the source
of the pain and reduced it considerably
No back pain, ankles are longer stiff

I started Pilates to mitigate my neck and back pain. I have since discovered the source of the pain and have been able to work on the right muscles and reduce the pain considerably. Pilates helps with my posture and strengthens my core muscles – I feel stronger and try to maintain the right posture in my daily routine.

I really appreciate Nadd’s ability to adapt the lessons to the state of health as well as her ability to stimulate and motivate the achievement of different goals, always with a smile. Nadd is a professional, highly skilled and emphatic teacher and I would strongly recommend her.

                           Ilaria, Billund

My goals are to exercise without pain in my knee and to have a stronger body. You always take care of the issue I have on the day we have Pilates and also follow up. You have never let me do something that does not help or brings back pain. You know what you are doing! Start now - don’t wait! It is the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time. I wish I have heard about you earlier. I have no back pain, ankles are no longer stiff. 

                                        Lis, Billund

Tailored to my old injury

I was concerned I would not be able to do Pilates due to an old injury. Nadd tailored the exercises to my old injury but still made me slowly go outside my comfort zone. I definitely have increased body awareness as well as core strength. Nadd is patient, kind and knowledgeable about Pilates.

                               Valerie, Billund

Increased body awareness, better posture

I hesitated doing Pilates because I thought it would be too slow motion for me, as I was used to exercise in a faster pace normally. I am still actually surprised at each class with how just a small change of the position of legs or arms can have such a big influence on the area we are training and how the exercise that at the beginning looks easy can actually be very challenging. I enjoy the online Pilates classes as I can do it from home, I don’t have to drive to Billund and I still get feedback from the teacher. As a result, if I do it regularly, I have less back pain, increased body awareness, better posture and I learned about some muscles I never knew before. You show me different types of exercises that can help me to eliminate the pain in my back muscles. And you are offering a broad variety of exercises to strengthen different type of muscles.

                        Martina, Fredericia

Recommended by my physiotherapist for back pain

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it and that I was too old(!) to start learning something new. Also that I would feel a bit self-conscious and wouldn’t really enjoy it. Pilates was however recommended by my physiotherapist for my back pain so I thought I should give it a try but I was quite nervous. You have been so patient and are always really clear and calm explaining what you would like me to do. You push me to try new things but only as far as I comfortable and my confidence has definitely grown as the lessons have progressed. We focus on the areas I have particular problems with whilst also working on my overall body. I always come away feeling I have worked hard but really enjoyed the session.


I definitely have more body awareness such as posture when I am sitting. My back and neck feel stronger and learning to move and lift using different parts of my body is really helping to take the strain off my back. My overall body strength is also improving and my wobbly tummy is slowly firming up!! I would definitely recommend training with you. You are very knowledgeable in teaching Pilates and I feel you really adapt the lesson specifically for me and my needs which is great. I trust your approach and I am really seeing the benefits. 


We work hard every session but it is a relaxed and fun environment.

                                 Sharon, Billund

No back pain whenever I go to Pilates regularly


I hesitated doing Pilates because the cost seemed a little high and I didn’t know if I would have the time but I did it to relieve my back pains and to improve my posture. I have no back pains whenever I go to Pilates regularly. My body form improved when doing other exercises and I’m starting to see my abs for the first time in my life! They are real! 


At Love, Pilates, I like the coziness of a small group, an amazing teacher who does not have a problem to challenge to work harder each time, flexibility of being able to bring my kid with me, a good atmosphere, high quality training tools and equipment, focus on safety and avoiding any injuries. 


Thank you so much! By now, I find it difficult to imagine life without your classes!                                                  Egle, Billund

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